News From The Wilco Sea School


News From The Wilco Sea School

Captain's Blog

Summer 2016

Well the summers here at last. Good sailing weather with. The odd thunder storm thrown in, but that's better than the start of the season with, yes your right the heavy winds rain hail sunshine all in the same day.
A few dolphins off the Caernarfon bar around the Back end of march, they must have had their thermal suits on!,
The course prices have raised a little but that had to be due to the running costs I'm posed this year at the marina with the fee now being £300er metre. However the showers and office building plan has been submitted and the owners are now waiting for approval. But we have a lot of old dingies stuffed with flowers scattered, sorry, strategically placed, around the dock area for those that like to sit in their boats and not go out of the dock and take in the fragrance.
The trip to the I.o.m may not be coming off as the original group who mentioned it have not as yet been in touch. So if there is anyone interested in a trip weather permitting then it can be considered.
I did have a bus persons holiday sailing around the west coast of Scotland at the beginning of May around Isla, Jura ,and other islands that I've forgotten the name of. We also passed through the gulf of correaveckin, not spelt correctly I know, but anyway you will have heard of it no doubt. Nice anchorage as you almost clear the gulf on the Jura side were you can stop and listen to the water thundering through the gap.
The round Anglesey yacht race is on again this year setting off from the menai bridge the usual clockwise way round and finishing at menai bridge. Saturday 6th August for class three starts at 12.25hrs
That's about it from me so safe sailing everyone

Off we go again

Some time since the last log but I get fed up just putting into same thing. Unfortunately due to all the sailing costs increasing I've had to also increase the course prices. I've held the down now for 4 years and can no longer continue to absorb the material increases. Sorry for the news.
Looking forward to the new season which starts on the 7th March with a day skipper course and ther are paces available if you would like to experience sailing in north wales and Anglesey during march. Usually bloody windy, wet and very cold. I did warn them.
Weather permitting we are planning to nvade the Isle of Man for the TT this year so we will see how that goes.
Well that's it for the moment getting back to the pint before it gets too cold and reading up on the collision regs.

Course costings

You will see that the prices have been held at the previous years rate,although a number of increases involving the berth of the yacht in Port Dinorwic has risen and will only be a matter of time before this increase will, regrettably, have to be passed onto future clients.

Spring is here

The first signs of spring are all around as the season begins to get busy. The snow fall over the Snowdonia mountain range was fabulous to see as we made our way down the Menai Straite from Puffin Island and Beaumaris. The geese have returned following their winter in colder climates and the sea birds, terns,gillimots,razor bills just name a few are in abundance around coastline of Anglesey.
The weather has now settled down after the blast through at the beginning of March,but it is still cold on the water.
The marina has under gone a face lift at Port Dinorwic (Felinheli). However the facilities are still the same but I understand that there are plans to introduce a new office block and toilet/shower facilities in the future.
The lock gates have also received attention with new chains and other repairs, but they make an awful noise when they are opened by the staff. On the previous blog I mentioned the boat launches were carried out on the 10th April. There was an additional task for the crane driver to take care of and that was the untimely test floating of a car in the dock. The dock 1 car 0 car sunk oops. No injuries that's the main thing.

Where's all the wind gone

The weather is beginning to settle down and the wind almost totally went during the week 5th April. Spring is returning as we are greeted by a number of returning geese
The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) courses/assessments safe becoming popular due to more of the overseas chartered are now asking for these prior to your saili, so please make sure when booking your sailing holiday if you are required to hold the certificate for their yachts.
Friday the 10th April saw a big crane lift into the dock at Port Dinorwic. Catch you all later with an update as the season progresses. Andy

Blowy weekend

The long weekend 5th to the 8th march was interesting to say the least. The weather forecast was spot on and we can't complain about that. All the work we caried out in the menai strait between the menai suspension bridge and B6. Saw only one other school boat out and that was in the swellies pushing tide towards port dinorwic,she was out of Conwy. Well it was gusting 7 prior to thensellies,as we had turned out port dinorwic,but as usual the wind died in the swellies,but we managed to continue the sail through with just the head sail raised. As soon as we got clear of the suspension bridge to wind kicked in and took us towards Bangor pier. Carried out boat handling under sai and power and returned through the swellies and went sought shelter in port dinorwic for the Friday night. Went out on Sat am and manage dot get to Friars road and anchored. Gusting8 sev 9 whilst on anchor with five foot swells with forty metres of chain out!!!! Held ok but eventually made or way back to menai bridge under engine and berthed alongside the Prince madog on the sT George's pier. Sunday morning returned to port dinorwic. Bring on nxt weekend


The season is upon me again. Sorry for not blogging for some time but I run out of thing s to say without repeating myself. How the twitters do it is beyond me,or is it tweeters??.
All the head lining through out the boat has been renewed through the winter repair programme as it is looking very good,although I have to say it my self.
The season kicks off a little early this year on Wednesday 25th February. Hoping to dodge the winter blast along the menai straits.
Since the middle of last year we have been complying with the Maritime Labout Convention MLC and we are entitled to sail out of UK waters ,as a coded boat being used for commercial purpose and visit the Isle of Man and Ireland without being penalised by means of a substantial fine.
We are now able to offer the latest sailing course set by the RYA on basic boat handling crusing level 1 and level 2.
After holding down the course prices for the last four years we have had to make an increase due to the rising costs of all materials and services encountered whilst operating the vessel as a training base at Port Dinorwic and visiting all other marinas I the locality ie Conwy, Victoria Dock, Caernarfon.
So into the briney on Thursday.
If you see me on the water this season please call across. Can't remember everyone though
Good sailing for all thanks for reading

the web site

looks like all the photos have disappeared from the site and I am trying to get the p[problem fixed, so please be patient. The sailing season is well under way now and I am keeping busy on the water either on my own boat or doing own boat tuition in the local area. Send further message later cheers andy

Back in th water

Hi everyone.
Well here we go again back in the water for another action packed season. A few other schools have appeared on the local scene following the demise of Conway Sailing School. Celtic Cruising, Conway charters company out of Deganwy .
The season has been a little slow to start with, but that's not a bad thing considering the high winds that we have experienced during the last week or two. looking forward to welcoming a contingent form Russia who are all taking the Yachtmaster Coastal course in the beginning of May.
Hope the weather improves.
During the winter lay up the yacht Sea Breeze under went a full standing rigging replacement and the gas system plus all necessary repair replacement to comply with the re coding. She passed ok and now fit for another five years, provided that the work is maintained and we clear the interim exam.
During the latter part of last year we did see quite a lot of dolphins and I hope that will be repeated this year.
One of the replacements in the boat has been the use of leds in the saloon, the anchor and tricolour. There has bee a great deal of improvement in the led standards and they all comply with the legislations. hoping to get some more pictures for the gallery this year.
Once again we will be entering the round Anglesey Race in August and hoping for more wind than last year, but with my luck we will be heading out into a 7+ over the bar.
Nothing to report regarding the Menai Strait buoys although the area opposite Plas Menai showing 3+ meters CD is some what misleading. The area has silted up as it has around C 10 C 7. Please be careful especially on the spring tides.
These comments are my opinion only, as a local sailor in the area and should not be taken as a replacement of the written word in the almanac or the pilot book.
Whilst the yacht was on the hard with the mast un-stepped someone has decided that the spinnaker pole would look better on their yacht!! so off it went probably around the new year period. Any one got one that they don't want?
that will do for now. If I've repeated any subject sorry
be in touch later in the season

end of year report

Well due to the web site being hacked the internals stirred up ive been restricted in keeping the blog up to date. It was only when a client informed me that the attack had taken place i was able to get the web site peolple onto it and get it sorted. Not much damage really but very annoying.
The yacht is having the standing rigging replaced along with new deck organisers and new gas system.
The boat is in the shed at the far end of the dock under cover and I have been able to keep working duruing the very wet weather we have all been experiencing.

The sailing season is sxcheduled to start on Sat 2nd march 2013. So if anyone is getting the idea to blow the cobwebs away then start getting the sailing gear out and cleaned up. Don't forget to try it on just in case it has shrunk during the festive period!!
Thats about it really. So thank you for reading the blog and sorry about the long delay in keeping all informed as to the state of things at the school.

Hoping to see return faces for next season and new ones of course.

See you later


Summer sailing.

Hello evryone. Well it has been some time since I sat down and put a few lines on the blog. Well the season started very well and I have been busy with the courses. This includes a number of trips over the "pond" to Ireland. Mainly to the small port of Wicklow.The port is small and the facilities are rather basic, but the Guiness is good. When in the town I did feel that the place had been severely affected by the recession with a number of businesses closed including the pubs!!which is a sign of the times as well.
The sailing has been interupted this season, very early on, with the sigting of dolphins close to the Caernarfon Bar and near to the Isle Of Man.
For all that may be thinking of sailing around Anglesey,especially over the Caernarfon Bar, the buoys from C1 to C6 have been moved by some considerable distance, plus there is now a safe water mark buoy close to C1 and C2. So tap into the web site for the Caernarfon Harbour Trust for the lat and long for the new positions of the buoys and get those charts altered.
There is continuing work at the end of the Beumaris Pier which I believe it is going to be a floating pontoon for commercial traffic only, so I hear. What commercial traficc uses the strait on a regular basis I aske. Well there is the Puffin Island Cruise boat plus fishing boats off Beaumaris I wonder who owns the boats? are they owned by one person? Hmm lets see what happens when the work is finished.There are some new pontoons in the Victoria Dock at Caernarfon which are to the left as you enter the dock. oops I mean to the port side but at the the present time are not fully operational as at 3rd Sept,as far as I am able to assertain.the toilet block is the same porta cabin, giving no extension of facilitites but there coulkd be moves Im sure to remedy this in the near future. All will be revealed.
The round Anglesey race went off to a good start, so I understand and finished with very light winds.I wasn' able to compete this year due to early booking on the same weekend.No big disasters other that the alleged grounding of a boat and the retirement of some, due to the lack of wind.
Well that brings me up to date as far as I know with the "action" on the water.

Thanks for reading the blog and feel free to contact me on the web if you wish to add any comments. They will all be submitted if suitable!


back in the water

Well all the jobs were completed and the boat was returned to the water on the 25th February. This year the boat was lifted back in to the water by the use of a crane. Normally the re-launch is a sedate affair with the boat first being taken the static hoist and gently lifted and placed in the water . Not this time. I've never seen the boat lifted at supersonic speed and dumped ungracefully in the dock making a noise like a bomb going off before.
Once settling down from the ducking all was well and she was placed aginst the wall in the usual place, by the clattering bridge. There are rumours that the speed humps are to be replace. Can't wait, i'll even give them a lift to put them down!!
The season is now under full swing and the dolphins are back in good numbers around the entrance to the menai strait at the Caernarfon Bar area and towards the South North Stacks.We are advised to keep away from the pods, but when they choose to swim along side its difficult to keep clear. The weather has been good generally but very cold. The candidate for the Yachmaster passed the exam and congratulations well done.just having a short break at the mo 23rd April, but back again on the weekend 30th 1st May.

My phone got drenching and all the pictures taken from the begining of the season were all lost so no updateas of yet to the gallery.

Thats it for now. hope to keep up to date through the season .

Happy sailing

winter up date

The boat is now out of the water, having been safely lifted and placed on the hard standing by the staff at Port Dinorwic.
As mentioned before the hull has to be polished and the rubbing strake and toe rail have to be finished off.
The deck has to repainted every year,with the non slip paint, with added grip particles put into the paint.This can be tricky due to the wet weather and general damp conditions so it is not unusual to see me with heat gun in one hand with the paint brush in the other. Interesting when you get out of sync with the right hand left hand routine, oops where's the fire extinguisher, oh I remember now, they are off the boat being serviced!!
The new season should welcome "Sea Breeze" with a new sprayhood.Whooppe!!some will say not before time as well.

Wishing you all a happy new year


well the boat is still in the water

Hi everyone. By this time the boat is usually out of the water and work being carried out on the outside on the hull but as can be seen from the picture that boat is well and truely fast in the ice that is in the dock at Port Dinorwic.
I stayed on the yacht on the 23rd December after clearing away about 8inches of snow. It wasn't that cold really!!

I hope tp have the boat out as soon as possible to get on with the work.

looking forward to the new year and a new sailing season. The prices have been reduced for the coming sailing season ,in an attempt to get more people sailing,but who knows !!

Thats it from at the mo.Bye

End of season

Hi everyone,

Well the season has now come to an end and at the mo the yacht sea breeze is still in the water. This is due mainly to the bad weather conditions leaving the dock area covered in ice and snow.

The winter work has continued and the forecabin lining has now been removed. Didin't take long but the old glue had to be ground off. So respirator to the ready, gloves eye protector, overalls and the grinder off we went. The dust is incredible but I had previously sealed off the door to the saloon so the dust in there was very minimul.
This gave me the opportunity to reseal all the deck fittings on the foredeck as the securing bolts come through the cabin top in places.

The full winterising the of the engine has yet to take place but the servicing has been done. The diesel tank was drained down and the inspection plate removed. This enables me to reach inside the tank and completely clean inside and remove the dirt and diesel bug.The plate was removed three years ago and despite using the anti bug additive the black crap was there, breeding away in the area close to the corners of the tank and close to where the diesel hits the tanks base. Thank goodness for the inspection plate as I have experienced the slimmy black contents beforeand I don't want it again thanks very much.
The prices have been reviewed for next year so its worth the look.

May I take this opportunity to wish all clients that have sailed with me through this year and the ones that haven't yet, a merry christmas and a happy new year.


ps the photo is one that was sent to me, it is not as result of a shore visit during a course

Now towards the end of the season

Hi Everyone who reads the blog!
The season is quickly reaching its end and I am quite busy, even though it is cold and dark early. But it is a good time to catch up with the night sailing hours.

The weather has haad its up's and down's, but in fairness there has been some very good sailing days and especially towards the latter end.
The yacht will be coming out of the water as usual for the routine repair and replacement. This year the forward cabin liner is to be removed and replaced, as it has now succumb to the Westerly droop!! I know the feeling.

The sheaves at the head of the mast have been jambing up when raising the topping lift when reefing in so it looks like the mast will have to be unstepped, as it is the only way to get the sheaves as they are set into the top of the mast, something to be said for the blocks on the outside of the mast.

It is planned to have the boat returned to the water in the first week in March so if you are thinking ahead to next years sailing then please get in touch.

So a thank you to all that have sailed with me through the year. Also thank you to all the people that have contacted me at the school but where not able to commit to sailing for various reasons and hope to see you at a future date.
Wishing you all good fortune and the seasons greetings. (can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner)

Thanks for reading my blog.


we are now into the winter rate for sailing

Hi eveyone. Well as the last blog mentioned we ,the remainder of the crew from the visit to the Isle of Man returned to Anglesey with a very good sailing breeze on the Starbord beam right down to the Menai Strait.
Since then the boat has been out both on RYA courses and cruising around for would be sailors to experince sailing for the first time, which can be added to the mileage and goes towards the first weekend sailing, in three ,for the competent crew qualification or day skipper certification on the practical side for tidal waters.
There has been a number of trips from Port Dinorwic( Y Felinheli) over the Caernarfon bar and then south towards Porth Dinllean, Bardsey, Abadarron, and Pwhelli including the very large sdandy bay called "HELLS MOUTH". Not a place to be caught out in when the wind is blowing from the South, or anywhere near south, but from other directions, but please don't be there in a gale just to prove me wrong!!

The boat Sea Breeze was entered into the round Anglesey Race, where the boats start from the Menai Bridge and sail south west towards the Caernarfon Bar then north heading for Holyhead and continue around the island passing Amlech,small fishing port on the north of the Anglesey, tucking in close the headland protected by the big lighthouse of Point Lynas. Then across the red Wharfe Bay and sail between the head land Pen mon and Puffin island. From then on the run is down the strait to the finish line at Menai Bridge.
The adjusted time for us on the Portsmouth yards stick was 12hrs 15mins which gave us a respected 7th position, yes and there was more that seven boats in our class, just in case you were woundering!!. The boat will be entered again next year so the cup is within grasp.
Well thats about it for the moment the season has until the back end of November to run when the boat will again be taken out of the water for the winter maintainence and I can take a little break before starting over again in March 2011. The years seem to fly by, or is it me? send an e mail and I will put it on the blog, provided that it can be published.

Thanks for reading the blog.

trying to catch up

Hi everyone. the season is now well under way and the yacht Sea Breeze has been very busy not only around the anglesey area but actually going over the pond, well the Irish Sea really to Howth and then up to the Isle of Man. on the way across there were a number of whales blowing, but we werent close enough to identify them. However having got the i.o.m we were held in Port Saint Mary with a severe 9 south westerly, which had me up all the night fending the yacht off the vessel to our inside. We managed to escape the following day in a lull and made it back to Port Dinorwic.
On the way back we were entertained by a large pod of Dolphins for around two hours.

sailing season well under way

Hi everyone. It has been some time since I last added to the blog,the reason being i have been very busy with the courses, including people who just want to experience sailing.
The dolphins are back this year around Anglesey in particular in the Conwy Bay area and Puffins around the waters off Puffin Island.

In June I took a crew over to Howth in ireland for the mileage build. A good over night sail in a northerly 3/4 taking around 12hrs to complete. On the return trip the predicted wind from the North 3/4 never made an effort and we had to motor all the way back. We anchored in Treaddur Bay for the night and in the following morning"Sailed" as best we could towards the Menai Straite.
Last week the crew were in Port St Mary on the Isle Of Man again for the experience of sailing and had a very foggy start back on the following day. Hoever the fog lifted very early and we had a good sail back in Sw 4/5 to the Conwy Marina and managed to sil into the river with a rising tide. A well deserved glass lemonade was taken at the Mulberry Pub in the marina.

April sailing

During April there were candidates for Coastal and Yachmaster examinations and both were successful, well done.

The following comments were sent to me by the Yachmaster candidate without any bribe.

“ Andy runs a neat and focussed operation with the emphasis on support for the individual. This applies whether this is at a basic level for those wishing to gain more experience or right across the board up to the top qualification of Yachtmaster Offshore.

He is widely experienced not just in the sailing aspects but also in teaching and learning and looking after diverse crews.

Wilco also has the advantage of operating in one of the more interesting sea areas with a great variety of picturesque locations, anchorages and hostelries and with the added advantage of access to sheltered waters if the wind is ‘blowing dogs off chains’.

John Williams – Yachtmaster Offshore Practical”

Thank you John nice to receive such comments and thoughts

end of week sailing 27th March 2010

The week started with a late set off on Monday 22nd March due to the tidal gate at port Dinorwic which restricts the entry, exit to the port to two hours either side of the high water.

The time before sailing was taken up by a full safety briefing for the sail and waiting for the ice to melt off the deck!!!!!!!!

Once free from the Dock we headed for the Swellies under sail. At the Swellies the wind continued from the South and we managed to sail through the Swellies and onto a mooring North east of Menai Bridge.

Then rest of the day was taken up by sailing on and off moorings and learning points of sail

We returned to the mooring and stayed overnight.

Tuesday we sailed for Puffin Island and dropped the anchor off the shingle beach at the South end of Puffin for lunch. When we had finished a course was set to take us to Meolfre where we had decided to stop on the anchor for the night.

But the wind dropped and we had to motor the last five miles to the anchorage.

The following morning Wednesday, we sailed off the anchorage and headed for Holyhead. The last of the tide was taken us towards Carmel Head. On route the wind really picked up F 7 and we had to reef twice and decided to drop the head sail.

However when reaching Carmel Head the tide had turned and having sailed on the spot for 15mins we headed back for the shelter of Cemaes Bay, Lamb Island, at a steady 10,5knots over the ground !! and listened to the steady humm of Wylfa Power station.

We completed the turn at Carmel Head and onto Holyhead on the last of the flood and berthed in the marina at 7pm

The following day we returned to the Menai Straite and crossed the Penmaen Swatch then onto Port Dinorwic with one of the students carrying out "Blind Passage" through the Swellies!

The last day,Friday was taken up with
exercises and sailing onto moorings.

We Docked at Port Dinorwic through half gates, as there was a problem with the port lock gate
All candidates were successful and left the boat all happy bunnies.

The photo does show the lock gates behaving and working correctly

Thats it from me

Coastal Skipper preparation

Hi everyone.
The following blog entry is from two client having passed the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper assessment.

Hi Andy,

Just want to say THANKS for a great weeks sailing. Really enjoyed it, and thanks for everything that you taught us/teased-out of us, to get us through the exam on Saturday.

Hope to see you again soon. You have given me some great thoughts.
All the best and would like to keep in touch

Thanks for those kind words Ric.

Following that you can rest easy as both candidates passed their assessments with flying colours, so well done.

The weather during the week was very kind to us with fair winds and clear skies. However this did lead to an iced deck when we did the 4.0am!! yes 4.0am!! start for the Caernarfon Bar, thats the sandy one, on Thursday 11th March. Sadly there wasn't any wind so we had to motor all the way to a point North East of Menai Bridge having negotiated the Swellies.

During the assessment we sailed onto an achorage close to Puffin Island at the NE end of the Menai Straite and we were entertained by a grey seal and pup who were showing great interest in one of the jib sheets that had been lowered over the port quarter. Those big dark eyes just say it all really.

back in the water

Hello all who care to read the blog! The boat Sea Breeze is now back in the water and ready for the sailing season,starting on the 8th March 2010.
The month of March has attracted a good list of students and we are of to a busy start,hope this continues through the season and get other iterested in getting afloat. Not just for the courses but sailing in general and finding out what sailing has to offer.

nearly back in the water

Well all the winter work on the boat is now almost complete with only the anti foul to apply and a final coat of polish.

The boat is being launched around the end of February and the beginning of March.

There is plenty of interest for sailing in March with bookings coming in and I hope its a good omen for the season. So if you are looking for a course following the winter theory or just wounder what this sailing is all about,then give me a ring or e-mail and we can discuss your requirements and get you out onto the water and take in the scenery around of the Menai Straite and the Isle of Anglesey.

Wishing all the very best for the sailing season and hope to meet some of you through the year. Best Regards

Andy Wilcock

Its that time of year again

Hi Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This year has been the first season as "Wilco Sea School" and many thanks to all the clients that chose to sail with me on the yacht "Sea Breeze". As the season closes its time again to get the boat clean down and carry out all the necessary repairs and replacements through the winter ready to start the new season at the beginning of March 2010.
Well I mentioned on the last blog that I hadn't seen many Dolphins, but in October we, the crew, saw a Risso dolphin off the breakwater head at Holyhead, what a surprise to see that.

Thanks again for all the participants in the courses throught out the year and congratulations to all those who took their RYA/MCA Yachtmaster or Coastal Examinations

I Hope to see return sailors and new clients in the comming year.

Well thats all for now so, dare I say it, may you all enjoy the festive season and have a happy new year.


Catching up

Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself. I refer to how this years has "flown by". It seems like only last month that the yacht "Sea Breeze" was launched. Well it has been sometime since that I have made an entry to the blog,for which I opologise. The boat has been kept busy through the summer with RYA courses and general cruising. Visits to the Isle of Man and to numerous ports on the East Coast of Ireland were made.

There does appear to be a lack of Dolphin sitings this year,unless I was in the wrong place at the wrong time to see them, would be interested if any one alse has seen any around Anglesey, so if any one reading this wishes to put that information on the site please contact me and I will place it on the blog, if you like. Now that the weather is beginning to cool towards the Autumn the warmer clothing will be getting an airing before much longer plus a replacement wooly hat after it blew into the sea and very quickly sank out of sight, a good job I wasn't attached to it. But it goes to show as a reminder to all on board how quick objects merge with the water and are difficult to locate to carry out a succesfull M.O.B.

Andy Wilcock

A few kind words.

Sailing with Wilco!

I have sailed with Andy a few times now, he has been a great skipper on the training and “for fun” passages that we have made. If you can put up with his bad sense of humour, terrible cooking and poor table manners then this is probably the sea school for you!.....just kidding!

I first met Andy when he skippered a boat on a mile building trip to The Isle of Man as well as Northern and Southern Ireland, and immediately liked his reassuring approach and the personable style of his training. Since then I have used Wilco Sailing School for my Yachtmaster preparation which was excellent and the small group numbers and hands on sail/rigging plan ensured that I got to cover everything that I needed to before the exam. My wife also wanted to come and gain some sailing experience, having only sailed on a yacht once before the previous year. She was low on confidence, and I knew that Andy would be the perfect person to take her needs into account and ensure that she had as good a time as possible. After a weekend with Andy and myself on the boat, she was hooked and is now taking her dayskipper course…..thanks Andy!

Anyway I wanted to write something for Wilco Sailing Schools website to thank them for the excellent service they had given to my wife and I, I really can not praise or recommend them enough…….The boat and the skipper are both “no frills”, but if you like me believe that this is how “real sailing” should be, and you want the highest level of training from an obviously accomplished skipper, then you should seriously consider Wilco Sea School……Thanks for everything Andy! Cheers Mark and Rebecca Truman

May the good weather last

The past few weeks have been very good especially the weather,hot and sunny. However this usually means that the wind drops and the "metal main sail" is raised, well the engine really is started. A few coastal skipper courses have been run along with Yachtmaster preps with positive results with passes all round, well done to the pupils for all their hard work through out the week.

summers here

Well Ive been quite busiy so far this year with a trips to the Isle Of Man, Ireland and yes back again, I must be doing something right!!
The weather has been very good for sailing with the odd days of rain and foggy conditions close to land and in particular near to the Isle Of Man, which had us run for the port of St Mary for refuge,over night, until the fog lifted. The following day we were able to set sail for Carlingford Lough.
Due to the longer days the night sailing on the yacht for courses is somewhat difficult to carry out,but has to be done, with long days.
Well thats it for now, hope to write more soon

Sailing in March

Hi Every one. Well the season went of with a bang with force 8 to severe gale 9 blowing through the Irish Sea. Well for most of the time the boat remaind within the Menai Straite and we were able to continue as normal. But during one of the blowy nights, you may knw the kind, where you have to brave the eelments and venture on the bucking bow and ease a bit more chain from the mooring buoy to stop the sudden drag on the chain, which vibrates through the whiole boat.

But all went well and all crew delivered back to Port Dinorwic safe and sound.

Just had a good few days with the sun shining, which his unusual for the bank holiday, with an amount of fog drifting about,

Well that's it for now.

Now back in the water

The boat was launched on the 4th March. All the sail were than checked out and the batterns fitted to the main sail. The boat had been cleaned through the winter but was again cleaned inside for the coming season.

The boat was taken out on weekend the 14th 15th March 2009, its first outting and we tried to get to Moelfre, a small bay on the east side of Anglesey, which has a very good holding on the anchor, by sailing the Menai Straite.
However the wind was westerly and the wind over tide conditions in the Puffi Sound were a little rolly to say the least and we decided to return to the Menai Strait after sailing around Puffin Island.
At this time we had two reefs in the main and the No2 jib raised, with the wind at a steady 25Knts gusting 28.

A good sail in the end and smiley faces at evening meal.
Sunday also a good day for sailing, with the wind having eased off. Sailed through the Swellies and returned to Port Dinorwic into the dock.

Back in the water

hi, The boat as now been placed back into the dock at Pot Dinorwic and now ready for the coming season. If you visit the dock the boat is berthed next to the lift bridge, and can be identified with the boom cover in the name of wilco Sea School. Sounds abit obvious but people do ask where we are in the dock and can by stood next to the boat when they call me. But is all in good faith.

Bye for now

Back from the late holidays

Hello one and all. Just to let you all know that I am back from my holidays in sunny wet Australia.
I took in some sailing in the Whitsundays and got drenched most days, well it is the cyclone and wet season!!!.
It could have been worse and found my self in the firey conditions in the Victoria area. The pictures of the destruction caused by the fire was dreadful as I am sure you will have seen on the tv of the papers.

So I am back to the frozen north with the big coat on looking forward to the launch about the 12th March at Port Dinorwic, no champange this time. That's it for now Andy

ready for the relaunch

Well all the work has now been completed on the yacht. The liferaft is away being serviced for the coming year along with the fire extinguishers.

The boat is to be relaunched on or about the 11th March and will take up its usual place in the dock on the lock side of the lifting bridge.
Just trying to fit in a bit of a holiday before the season gets underway. See you soon i hope thats it from me for now. Bye

After the Festive Period

Just a few lines to let you all know that we are still here and making plans for the coming sailing season. The winter maintenance on the yacht is now complete leaving only the anti foul to apply around February time and then the launch in March. If anyone would be interested in placing a blog on the page, please e-mail with your comments and I will copy them onto the site if suitable.

Winter Maintenance

Hello there. Well the yacht Sea Breeze has now been lifted out of the water, at Y-Felinheli,or Port Dinorwic ,the home base for the winter work and maintenance to be carried out. One of the first jobs was the winterising of the engine. This involves the removal of the old oil from the engine, refitting a new oil filter and replacing the old oil. At this time the diesel filters were all taken off and replaced ready for the next season. The exhaust system was also flushed out with fresh water prior to the filling of the system with anti freeze. With the dock at Y- Felinheli being fresh water fed, the weed build up on the hull below the water line was minimal and confined to the tide line at the bottop. As soon as I have pictures of the yacht in the cradle they will be put onto the site. Wishing all the visitors to the site a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see some of you in the coming sailing season which is scheduled to commence in March 2009 Andy

We Are launched!!!!!!

We will be regularly updating this page with upkeep of the boat and sailing trips taken. Keep logging on!!!

Here are a few lines to let you know what is happening so far.

As the sailing season is now drawing to a close the boat will be lifted from the water and put onto the hard standing from the last weekend in November until March of the coming year,2009. This is to allow the general maintainence of the boat to take place. March is the start of my sailing season so if you want to get into the water early on in the year give us a call and we can usually arrange your sailing dates to suite individual preferences. That's all for the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.